Norwegian petroleum

Everything you need to know about Norwegian petroleum activities
Everything you need to know about Norwegian petroleum activities

218 bn. NOK

The government’s total net cash flow from petroleum activities in 2015. This includes taxes, fees, dividend and SDFI.

450 bn. NOK

The export value of crude oil and natural gas in 2015 was about NOK 450 billion, or approximately 40 % of the total value of Norway’s exports.

150 bn. NOK

Investments in the petroleum sector accounted for about ¼ of total investments in productive capital in Norway in 2015.

>100 fields

Since the start, more than 100 fields have produced oil and gas on the Norwegian shelf. Today, about 80 fields are in production.

>90 discoveries

There are currently over 90 discoveries that could be, or are being, considered for development. Most of them are small and will be developed as satellites to established fields.

1,43 bboe

Norway produced about 1,43 bboe or 228 mill. Sm3 o.e. in 2015. This is 5 per cent more than in 2014. About half of the volume is natural gas.

53% remains

Total petroleum resources are estimated to 14.2 billion Sm3 o.e.. Only 47 per cent of this has been produces, sold and delivered.

8300 KM

The total length of the Norwegian gas pipeline network is about 8 300 kilometres, which is roughly the distance from Oslo to Houston.

205 000

Total employment in the petroleum sector in 2015 was about 205 000 people. This corresponds to about 7,5 % of total employment in Norway.